Abundant Communities


What is Abundant Community Edmonton?  Go to The City of Edmonton webpage:  (If this link doesn't work when clicking, copy and paste the following link onto your url)


“Abundant Community is based on the belief that every individual in a neighbourhood has a contribution to make, and uncovering, sharing and the harnessing of those contributions creates neighbourliness, and also addresses issues as diverse as social isolation, crime, and physical and mental health. The notion is at the same time ridiculously commonsensical and ridiculously powerful.” ~Mary Sturgeon, Make Something Edmonton “The work of Abundant Community Edmonton is vital to the well-being of our cities.  Every city is concerned about our health, children, safety, the land, the local economy and those on the margins.

Government policies and social services are at their limits. The next wave of impact will come from citizens connected to their neighbors engaged in bringing their gifts and humanity to each other. Abundant Community is making this happen.” ~Peter Block, Designed Learning and Flawless Consulting At the heart of the Initiative… is a neighbour or two on each block, a Block Connector who initiates a connection and casual conversations with each household about:

  •  Community and life on the block and in the neighbourhood.
  •  Their vision for the neighbourhood and the skills, interests and pastimes which they would share with the block or neighbourhood,


Our process at our Cloverdale neighbourhood level…

  • The Cloverdale Community League will hire someone to be our Neighbourhood Connector to:
  •  Identify and enlist our approximately 15 Block Connectors,
  •  Facilitate and encourage the Block Connector’s conversation process, and
  • Collate the information from the conversations into: vision priorities, interest and activity groups and a skills and experience exchange.

The benefits to Cloverdale Community…

  •  Advances household connection and belonging on each block and within the neighbourhood as a whole,
  •  Helps to shape neighbourhood life according to residents vision for the neighbourhood,
  • Facilitates neighbourliness by linking residents to groups, existing and newly formed, within the neighbourhood,
  • Enables care by linking the skills, gifts and experiences of residents to other neighbours and the neighbourhood, and
  • Builds the capacity of the neighbourhood to collaborate with the municipality.

Are you interested in becoming a Block Connector or learning more about it?

Please e-mail ACE@cloverdalecommmunity.com and we will be happy to talk with you about the program.