Barre Class

The class is starting a new session on March 27. Come on out and try a Barre workout. If you have never tired one it is fun, less impact than a boot camp and is all the rage now. It infuses elements of dance, and ballet, to achieve beautiful healthy bodies, while improving postural balance, flexibility, coordination and grace. It strengthens, lengthens, and chisels the body, and each  class features an elegant yet energetic combination of movements that improve balance, and challenge the core.  You will sweat and have fun at the same time. What have you got to lose??… try it. Come out and join Kim Ashley who is an AFLCA fitness leader and Barre Certified and will guide you through the best workout for you.

Please contact  if you plan to attend the barre class and pay for March 22. We need 7 attendees to run the class . $72 for 8 weeks