Upcoming Events


Winter Wine Not #8 - ADULTS ONLY

When: Saturday, November 24
Where: CCL Hall
Starts: 8:00 pm 
Admission: $5 for CCL Members and $10 for non members
Wine Tickets: $3 each or 4 for $10
(beer available)

Please bring an appetizer

Entertainment: surprise socialization game

RSVP and indicate the number in your party:


Cloverdale Family Christmas Party

When: Sunday, December 9
Where: CCL Hall
Admission: Adults $10 and kids FREE

Alcoholic Beverages $3 or 4 for $10
Non-alcoholic beverages FREE

4:00 pm - crafts, storytelling and more
4:30 pm - Santa visits and photo opportunities
5:15 pm - supper (main course provided, please bring appetizer, salad or dessert)
6:00 pm - Kompany Family Theatre

RSVP: socialdirector@cloverdalecommunity.com
Please indicate the number in your party, what you are bringing and if you can volunteer to help.