President's message to Cloverdale.

November 2018

The Cloverdale Community League (CCL) is heading into the Fall and Winter seasons well prepared and enthusiastic. Here’s a snapshot of what the CCL has been up to recently:

  • Residents made it through another Edmonton Folk Music Festival and Accidental Beach season with the impact these both have on our quality of life and parking.

  • The CCL Youth Concession team purchased a new freezer for their operations, did a fantastic job as Cloverdale ambassadors while meeting EFMF patrons and did a wonderful CBC interview. The youth also donated 5% of net income to the Kids with Cancer Society which the CCL matched. Entrepreneurship and philanthropy are a powerful combination.

  • A number of streets held Block Parties that brought children and adults into the streets to mix and mingle and celebrate being a neighbourhood.

  • The Abundant Community Edmonton (ACE) initiative is a spark plug for these Block Parties and the Women and Wine gatherings.

  • The Cloverdale Community Garden Club, a hardy and dedicated group of green thumbs, harvested over 60 kg of potatoes that were donated to the Edmonton Food Bank, in addition to individual bumper crops of tomatoes, lettuce, peas and beans.

  • In September, over 40 people helped at the Casino, which is an important source of revenue for the CCL.

  • Also in September, over 30 people attended the AGM to receive reports of the past year and make decisions about the future.

  • In October, residents attended the City of Edmonton open house and completed the online survey to provide input on the Accidental Beach.

  • In October, over 100 people attended the Hallowe’en Party

  • A crew has been repairing rink boards in anticipation of another successful outdoor rink season.

  • Programs from Art Club to Zumba are in full swing.

  • The Environmentally Sustainable Energy Project is essentially complete. The solar panels have been operational since August 19th. To date, the solar panels have generated 3.51 MWh of electricity. Some of that is used to provide electricity to the hall. Any surpluses are returned to the grid and power homes in the neighbourhood. The CCL has been approved for a $14,400 rebate on this project component. The CCL hasn’t received a recent utility bill yet, so we can’t report on the impact of the solar panels on our power bill just yet. However, based on the rebate and other projections, the estimated payback period of the solar panel installation is about 5 years.

  • The Capital Project Committee selected a firm to remove the existing deck and replace it with composite material. The new structure will include new ramps, handrails, benches and planters. We hope to complete this project in 2018, weather permitting.

Upcoming Social Programming Highlights include:

  • Winter Wine Not - Saturday, November 24th (Adults only!)

  • CCL family Christmas Party - Sunday, December 9th

Social Programming Note: If past events are any indication these both promise to be highly entertaining events. Please RSVP to:

Additional information about these and other programs can be found on the Programs and Clubs page.

Upcoming Recreational Programming Highlights include:

  • Zumba

  • Zumbini

  • Pilates

  • Barre

  • Games Night

  • Ping-Pong

  • Guitar lessons

  • Art Club

  • Pole Walking

  • Yoga

  • Outdoor rink season, weather permitting

Rec Programming Notes: All programming (unless otherwise stated) is free for Cloverdale residents with a valid community membership. Buy a membership online.

  • The deadline for registering for January programs is January 10, 2019

  • Please register for programs in advance at A minimum of 6 participants is required for each program to run.

  • More programming info available on the Programs and Clubs page.

Important Additional Events and Meetings for all Cloverdale residents

  • New Residents Reception on November 18th from 1:00 - 2:30 PM. Please join us.

  • A Special Meeting of CCL members also on November 18th starting at 2:30 PM

Special Meeting of CCL members:

The Cloverdale Community League needs your help to provide leadership and governance to CCL operations. We’re in good shape financially and, as you can see, the CCL offers a broad range of opportunities to get together, socialize, have fun and get some exercise. The volunteer component at the programme level is wonderful and the CCL board is grateful for your involvement.

However, the CCL does need help at the governance and leadership level. All these programmes and activities don’t happen in a vacuum. They need planning, budgeting, policy and organization to become real. Governance and leadership may not be sexy but they’re necessary. The CCL needs a Vice-President, Treasurer, Civics and Programme Directors and a chairperson for the Community Garden group. These are all two-year elected positions. The CCL board needs these positions filled to share the workload and keep the doors open and the lights on at the hall and rink.

I know many Cloverdale residents have provided leadership in the past. Some of you might want to consider getting involved again. This is also an opportunity for newer residents to Cloverdale to share your skills, meet more members of the community and contribute to the quality of life in Cloverdale.

The Cloverdale Community League will be celebrating its centennial in 2020. Here’s your chance to lay the foundations for the next 100 years!

Contact Reg at to get involved. Show up at the Special Meeting on November 18 at 2:30 PM to put forward your name.

It’s a wonderful opportunity!