Neighbourhood Connector Wanted!



Cloverdale Community League is currently seeking a resident of our neighbourhood for the role of Neighbourhood Connector. This is a paid, part time position with an expected contribution of 10 hours per week, and is expected to last for 6 months, based on currently available grant funding.


The purpose of this role is to support the implementation of the Abundant Community Program in our neighbourhood, an Asset Based Community Development program intended to develop and promote a vibrant neighbourhood life, while reducing social isolation. The Neighbourhood Connector is responsible for identifying, mobilizing, encouraging and supporting the Block Connectors. For more information on this program, please click on the following link:


Responsibilities of the Neighbourhood Connector may include:

·  Various initiation and start up tasks, such as creating a block map for our neighbourhood and working with the neighbourhood support team to implement a database.

·  Attending citywide neighbourhood connector gatherings

·  Revising the Block Connector Introduction Letter and the Neighbourhood Conversation Guide for your Neighbourhood

·  Identifying and orienting new Block Connectors and accompanying them on their first neighbourhood conversations

·  Providing ongoing support and encouragement to the Block Connectors

·  Ensuring regular and accurate data entry into the selected database

·  Supporting the creation of  new activity groups of shared interest

·  Reporting to the neighbourhood leadership team


As a potential Neighbourhood Connector, you have:

·  Existing relationships within the neighbourhood; you are viewed as a local leader and connector

·  Confidence and passion to seek out and enlist a Block Connector from each block in the neighbourhood

·  Leadership ability to direct and motivate Block Connectors to connect with their whole block

·  Tenacity and sufficient organizational skills to engage the entire neighbourhood

·  Boldness and social skills to engage any neighbour

·  Hospitality to convene the Block Connectors for encouragement and “team support”

·  Teaching ability to guide the Block Connectors to competence in initiating conversations

·  Interest in the information collected in conversations, to ensure collection and relevant follow-up action

·  Care, grace and patience to work with all levels of ability and commitment among Block Connectors

·  Communication skills to correspond with Block Connectors, the Support Team and the neighbourhood leadership.

Please email resumes to   Closing date for applications is October 10, 2017. Cloverdale Community League would sincerely like to thank all applicants for their interest. Together we can turn strangers into neighbours.